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ART: Mixed Media Collages by Anya Lsk

Mysterious Russian artist Anya Lsk’s collages beautifully connect the nude male form along with various landscapes with similar according images. 

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Build monuments in my name,

Throughout the land of your soul,

Let me breath life into you,

Let me make you whole.

Your existence in the moment solely depends on me,

I’m everything; I’m your divinity.

I’m not only light, nor simply the dark,

I am the entire mountain, and the grain of salt.

You’re in my world,

I’ve created this.

From lead to gold,

Life lies within my kiss. 



Richmond, VA

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Richmond, VA


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By dissolving surfaces in striated separate parts March Studio afford  an equal appearance of wall, ceiling, sunscreen and furniture to control the views along the filter. A spectacular large-scale installation between design and art.

Durch das Auflösen von Flächen in streifige Einzelteile ermöglichen March Studio ein gleiches Erscheinungsbild von Wand, Decke, Sonnenschutz und Möbeln und richten damit die Blicke entlang der Filter. Eine späktakuläre raumgreifende Installation zwischen Design und Kunst.

n was developed by 50 artists, designers and makers including Japanese studio Suppose Design Office.

Photos by / Fotografiert von Peter Bennetts

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Mister Dress Up

At the start of this year, a company called Mister Dress Up commented on one of my Instagram photos saying that they liked my artwork and wanted to discuss me perhaps designing something for them to print on a T-shirt. A week and a half later here they are! I put a Ziggy Stardust twist on my portrait of Salvador Dali. They’re $20.95 each, plus postage (the company is based in Canada) and available for 1 month only. There are so many great artists and designers featured on the website, you can even submit your own work to be considered for printing - which I would highly recommend!

Jun 26, 2014


The duality of a woman is reflected in everyday action and thought. That’s the beauty of being a woman; having the freedom to change your mind and not apologizing for it. What I want today may not necessarily be exactly what I want in the next moment, but as long as I have the strength, hunger, and passion I should use every driving force to obtain what it is that I want in that very moment. All with no apologies.

I should never feel it’s an inconvenience to “change my mind”…

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I also clearly have a problem pronouncing ‘orgasm’!

Finally got around to finishing the video relating to a past experience, had to tie my hair up for this one! As mentioned in the video, the overall goal is to get young African women more comfortable around the conversation of sex. And comfortable enough to discuss it among their peers and educate themselves.

I love this woman. 

such a gorgeous accent

Why am I laughing so hard?

I’m in love with her accent.

1. Her accent.
2. Her in general.
3. The names she gave for masterbation.
4. Her message.
5. Her honesty.

I’m love it all…

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'Supremes' - Models: Senait Gidey, Maria Borges & Jessica Strother | Photographer: Sebastian Kim | Stylist: Charles Varenne | Hair: Diego Da Silva | Make-up: Fredrik Stambro
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'Supremes' - Models: Senait Gidey, Maria Borges & Jessica Strother | Photographer: Sebastian Kim | Stylist: Charles Varenne | Hair: Diego Da Silva | Make-up: Fredrik Stambro

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Photography: Michael Donovan / Models: Aliana Lohan & David Rosenburg (Wilhelmina) / Stylist: Jay Johnson / Hair: Kosaka Yasutake / MUA: Sophie Ono 

The stunning Aliana Lohan and David Rosenburg @ Wilhelmina star a steamy editorial lensed by Michael Donovan for the latest edition of WeTheUrban Magazine.


You have my permission not to love me;
I am a cathedral of deadbolts
and I’d rather burn myself down
than change the locks.
Rachel McKibbens, “Letter From My Brain To My Heart” (via larmoyante)

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